Still time to beat 41F

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For those of you looking to try and beat the July 13th Rule 41F changes to NFA registering of Silencers, your best bet is something in stock locally. With Form 3 transfer times running at least 1 month, there is no way to guarantee orders from distributors will reach your NFA FFL in time. Check your local FFL’s for their stock

Currently we have only 2 suppressors left in stock available for immediate sale to beat the deadline.

Rugged Surge 762
Advanced Armament 762SD
Advanced Armament Element 2

Liberty Mystic X
Silencer Co Salvo 12
Silencer Co Octane 45HD “Dealer Demo”

Let us know if you have any questions. Availability is LIMITED.


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Noblix is proud to be one of the few Florida dealers of OSS Suppresors.

The OSS suppression system combines a BPR (Back Pressure Regulator) and SRM (Signature Reduction Module) to deliver hearing safe sound and flash signature suppression without adverse effects caused by baffle suppressors.

OSS suppressors are caliber convertible, and with interchangeable SRMs, deliver multi-mission capability. The customizable interior design enables suppressor tuning for specific platforms, and allows for full use of SIM/UTM platforms.

OSS suppressors are 100% user serviceable and sustainable in the field, and will not degrade service life of modern weapon systems.

Cerakote Finishing Available

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See a selection of our cerakote finishing work. Two battered and beaten CZ’s were transformed into great looking and great shooting guns with new parts and springs from Cajun Gun works and a new look from Noblix.
battleship glock


stainless 75